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We are working with 10 years industries exprience

Rithm ERP is the best ERP Software for Manufacturing, Real Estate & construction ERP. Rithm IT Solutions is Channel Partner of Datanote ERP. A world class Manufacturing industry based ERP & CRM Solutions Company. We Specialized implementing ERP & CRM Software to grow your business digitally.

Rithm IT Solutions integrate the different business processes into a single software Package like ERP, CRM, HRM, Finance (Accounting), Statutory (Taxation) etc developed with the innovative Openlogic Framework (Low Code No Code System) .

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Our Products

Our Products

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Rithm ERP software integration is critical in reducing the potential for inefficient workflows through its centralization of information. Its flexible platform can streamline processes across various departments and workflows.

Finance data in every business is indispensable. It needs to be secured, confidential and yet easily approachable at the same time. Open Logic ERP Framework tool of Rithm deals with confidential information and makes sure that the system complies with standard security requirements while giving passage to co-author, manage, and edit when you have authority to access it.

Rithm's system structure and upgraded customization allow the organization to make changes, update, analyze as per the business requirement. With our accelerators, tools, innovative resource and delivery models, we help the client achieve their goals in terms of business solution well within budget.

Advanced analytics easy to understand for sales

Rithm CRM is a web-based customer relationship management platform. The flexible suite of applications includes tools to manage sales automation, field service, customer support and channel management. With DataNote CRM, companies can maintain a customer database, track opportunities in the pipeline, monitor to-do items, store documents, and send appointments to Google Calendar.

The systemalso interfaces with Google Drive for document storage. Users have the ability to view customer data by segment through this cloud-based system. A full API tool set is available for market automation and survey capture. DataNote CRM is recommended to small companies in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, software, retail, consulting, and manufacturing; it is designed to be accessed easily for reps on the road

DataNote CRM is accessible from Internet-connected devices such as iPads, Windows tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs.



Mobile Expertise:

SAFAL’s mobile application development and mobile platform expertise have provided exemplary and cutting-edge solutions to our global client base for over eight years delivering many mobile & tablet projects.

We at SAFAL are supportive of the business requirements that may vary significantly and thus, yields a need for customized mobile application development & mobile software development to create value-added mobile phone applications tailored exactly to your specific business requirements for enhanced efficiency, functionality and value addition.

Customize software:

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique. More so in the field of software development! Your needs may be different from what you have seen on our web site thus far, so, we thought we’d tell you that we are open to creating and developing any kind of software or software application. Having been in the corporate development business for the past 8 years, we are able to offer our clients different type of services that are very specific and exclusive to their requirements.

We’ve worked on material management systems, Human resource management; Customer management system, Mortgage leads management system, Inventory Management System, helped an Auto parts company web enable a part of their distributor network, and helped the Travel agency to computerize all operations.

We work with different kinds of technologies too. All our custom web and software development projects are developed using industry standard tools and are validated and tested for browser compatibility. Any custom Software application we develop is guaranteed to work with your existing systems.


Unique Industries Served by Rithm Solutions

Dynamically initiate market positioning total linkage with clicks-and-mortar technology progressively procrastinate compelling.

Wide Range of Modules

Wide Range of Modules


Rithm ERP Framework acts as a crucial tool to keep the record of suppliers information that includes supplier contact detail, rate contract details, purchase history, quality and delivery history etc.

CRM / Marketing

Rithm CRM is the single tool that unifies all your business processes, right from sales to marketing to data management. It helps you provide a seamless customer experience. Rithm CRM enhances customer engagement and improves communication.


Rithm ERP Framework ensures effective operations & production management while streamlining and integrating all the resources required to produce goods and services. It can Effectively manage & optimize resources to meet customer-driven deadlines, configure products to order, manage inventory more effectively & run the production floor more efficiently.


Companies that excel at inventory management drive the maximum amount of profit and customer satisfaction. Rithm ERP is developed to keep the records of all the inventory including purchases, reorders, shipping, warehousing, storage, and display it in the most convincing form.

Quality Control

Rithm ERP tools help manufacturers comply with multiple sets of regulatory guidelines, creating audit trails and reports that are necessary to document processes and risk mitigation. Through different management filters, Rithm ERP ensures product quality by securing the standerd formula.

R&D - Design

The R&D process is a quite complex and challenging process that requires the management of data resulting from constant experiments. Rithm ERP solution is the right catalyst to help an R&D Manager develop innovative products and generate increased revenue.

Finance Control

Standalone accounting packages offer basic financial reports like income statements, balance sheets and so forth. While Rithm ERP offers many more varied types of reports, including cash flow projections based on inventory management and order statuses and accounts receivable aging overlaid with customer order pipeline.


As the eCommerce industry is booming there is a significant demand in the logistic and supply chain industry. The logistics industry takes a leap towards being one of the important industries contributing to the Indian economy.

Machine Maintenance

Rithm ERP for maintenance of industry, e.g. steel industry, textile industry, power plants, rolling mills, and steel wire products industry, makes sure all the operations of the production floor are executed efficiently without disrupting the production schedule.

HR & Payroll

Rithm ERP for HR & Payroll integrates with all other departments of a company and combines all employee-related information dispersed across at one place. It enhances the accuracy, saves time and provides correct information about each employee.

Fleet Management

A complete controlling and monitoring structure is required for the use of institutional vehicles in Fleet Management. Rithm ERP has the core understanding of it. That's why Rithm designed ERP in such a way that it ensures the safety of the vehicle as well as improves the efficacy of the vehicles.


Rithm ERP is the best way to store and access information instantly for efficient work in office administration. It gives companies an edge to stay competitive in today’s business environment. The module of Rithm ERP Administration will build the performance of an association.



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